Creative Weavers Guild

Bringing small and simple loom weavers together who also have other fiber passions!


The Creative Weavers Guild is a small, but active international fiber art community. Members have access to all of Amy McKnight's previous classes and a rich catalog of articles and inspiration shared by members over the years. We are rigid heddle and small loom focused, but most members have more than one fiber art passion. It's a perfect place for weavers who also knit, dye, embroider, spin and sew and enjoy combining different fiber arts in their projects.  If you've ever gone to your weaving guild and felt you had nothing to show because you knit socks and spent the month processing your Icelandic wool: we are your place! We hold weekly weaving meet-ups and organize member led workshops on a variety of techniques. Members also frequently share their weaving and knitting patterns to other members for free.

Why You Should Join Us

Purchasing a membership will give you access to:

*Rich catalog of articles and inspiration shared by members over the years
*Weekly Zoom meetup calls
*Member-led workshops and weave-alongs
*Free weaving and knitting patterns shared by members
*Friendships with weavers from all over the world

A Big Thanks

Thank you for considering joining this weaving eclectic weaving community. We are looking forward to supporting you make progress along your creative weaving path.